EBS SWEDEN | professional bass equipment

From left to right:

TD660 2x 2x10 Neo Line speakers + Marleaux 'Jay-Tee Signature XS Votan' 4-string

Reidmar 750 2x 1x12 Neo Line speakers + Marleaux 'Jay-Tee Signature XS Votan' 5-string

Reidmar 500 1x10 Neo Line speakers + Marleaux 'Jay-Tee Signature XS Votan' Frettless 4-string

EBS Magni 500 - 210 Bass Combo

Reidmar 750 2x 1x12 Neo Line speakers

Smooth Hound wireless system

Marleaux 'Jay-Tee Signature XS Votan' 4-string and 5-string bass

EBS Pedals in EBS 'CarryOn Bag'

Marleaux 'Jay-Tee Signature XS Votan' Bass series

EBS Stainless Steel Strings | EBS Magni Combo 2x10

Jay-Tee's technique and percussive way of playing demands for fast and quick responding strings. He has been playing all sorts of strings but the EBS stainless steel (classic medium 45-105) are the fastest and the best sounding ones. They also stay fresh for a very long time. 

MARLEAUX | bass guitars

Jay-Tee's 'JAY-TEE VOTAN XS SIGNATURE' BASS models are a 4-string, 5-string and a frettless 4-string. Due to his accident, the basses that he helped develop with Gerald Marleaux are extremely light. He loves Swamp Ash but it's heavy so Gerald recommended him Dibetou (African wood). "This wood has the warmth of Swamp Ash but the punch of Mahogany. The body is designed so, when you put the bass on your lap it automatically leans towards you. So never ever will this bass fall away from you the moment you put it on your lap", Jay-Tee explains. Between the neck pick-up and the neck he has a special 'pluck guard' that Jay-Tee has designed.

Specs: EMG JJ active and passive EQ | Volume volume tone | Brown dyed Dibitou body | Black Hardware | D-Tuner | True Temperament Fretting System

TRUE TEMPERAMENT | fretting system

Back in 2010 at the Frankfurter Musikmesse, CEO Bo Engberg from EBS Sweden told Jay-Tee about True Temperament. "He was telling me that this invention would truly blow my mind. After the show that day I went to the True Temperament booth. There I met the inventor Anders Thidell and he gave me a TT bass and took me to the sound booth. We sat down and I tried the bass and I had tears in my eyes. Playing bass with the True Temperament fretting system is so pure, I rediscovered playing bass!"


In 2015 good friend of Jay-Tee, guitarplayer Jan Akkerman, came up to him at the Marleaux booth at the Frankfurter Musikmesse. He told him "Did you know, just around the corner there is a small company from England called Smooth Hound. They have the best wireless system on the planet." So Jay-Tee took his bass and went to the Smooth Hound booth where he met the builder Chris Fryer. "We talked, I played, we talked some more and I played even more and I told him I have 3 wireless systems but the Smooth Hound does the job!"

CRESCENDO | hearing protection

The first priority of being a musician is to purchase earprotection. "The only thing I can say: I highly recommend you Crescendo earplugs. You only have one pair of ears for the rest of your life."

VARIPHONE | tailor made hearing protection

Jay-Tee is using the MEP 2G In-Ears.