The skills gained in Band Coaching Level II are put to the test in this performance-based program. 

Sessions include a focused aim toward acquiring gigs and performing in 'the scene'. 

Participants will learn:

  • How to create relationships with venues and community
  • How to get gigs
  • Performance techniques and stage presence
  • Set up and breaking down
  • Balancing sound
  • Gigging 'Code of Conduct'
  • Band promotion and social media
  • Before and after show promotion
  • Busking how to's, tips, and tricks
  • And more

[FOTO] Onderschrift

Band Coaching LEVEL II | Price determined per customized scheduling

Band Coaching LEVEL II will take place at Jay-Tee's SOUND IN VISION IN SOUND recording studio in Heerhugowaard where drums, cables, mics, and amps will be provided. Instruments and cymbals must be provided by participants.

You bring willingness to work together as a band should be, accept constructive criticism and approach natural difficulties with a professional attitude.