An InStore Demo Day lasts all day (7 hrs) and are suitable to take place at your musicstore or -fair. The InStore Demo Day includes five short demonstrations during the day followed by a Q & A. Between the demo's Jay-Tee is giving personal advice to your customers and will adjust bass guitars (TIP: preferably by appointment to avoid disappointment).

Demo 1 *

Masterclass Demo

Q & A

Demo 2 *

Fingerstyle / slapstyle

Q & A

Demo 3 *

EBS amps

Q & A

Demo 4 *

EBS speakers

Q & A

DEMO 5 *

EBS pedals

Q & A

DEMO 6 *

Set up strings

Q & A

INSTORE DEMO DAY from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. | Price on request

* Above are  examples, an InStore Demo Day can be completed entirely according to your wishes. 

Contact us for the possibilities.