Band Coaching Level I is a customized program where bands meet with a professional Band Coach. 

Bands will be guided in a low-pressure environment dedicated towards more efficient and productive practice time.  

Sessions will focus on developing skills in:

  • Band dynamics
  • Time management
  • Making the most of rehearsal time
  • Concert readiness
  • Originality exploration
  • Performing cover songs
  • Broadening knowledge and ability
  • Developing repertoire
  • Polishing sound
  • And more!

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Band Coaching LEVEL I | Price determined per customized scheduling

Band Coaching LEVEL I will take place at Jay-Tee's SOUND IN VISION IN SOUND recording studio in Heerhugowaard where drums, cables, mics, and amps will be provided. Instruments and cymbals must be provided by participants.

You bring willingness to work together as a band should be, accept constructive criticism and approach natural difficulties with a professional attitude.